Thursday, January 15, 2004

Astros update:

According to today's Chronicle, we're going to announce the signing of Orlando Palmeiro today. (On a related note, Greg Norton, JT's pick for utility guy, signed with Detroit.) First the good news: Palmeiro is an excellent fielder, he can play all three outfield spots, he bats left-handed, and he's got a career .357 OBP. The bad news? Six. That's how many career home runs Palmeiro has in nearly 1800 at-bats. That means if he gets 150 at-bats this year, we can expect him to hit half a home run. He can't really steal bases, either - only a 57% mark for his career. Finally, um, we have Jason Lane, and (also according to today's Chronicle) Hidalgo's staying with Houston (yes!), so why, exactly, do we need a 5th OF who is not any better (but more expensive) than Colin Porter? I guess Palmeiro will also be used as a lefty pinch-hitter, but I think Colin Porter could do just as well. I don't like this move much. We still really need a backup IF, preferably one with some power that might actually make a pitcher nervous in late-game situations when we pitch-hit for Ausmus or the pitcher. Someone like Travis Lee (28 years old, 807 OPS last year with 19 HR's).

In other news, I'm getting ready for a big weekend trip to College Station to visit friends. This will rock because: 1) I'm driving up there with Barstool. Road trips of any duration with Barstool are hella fun. Hella fun. 2) We're going to watch football. I like football, even though I don't know crap about it. 3) I'm probably gonna lose some money to JT in poker, which is always fun. and 4) Did I mention Barstool?

Tomorrow I'll make my picks for the Colts-Pats and Panthers-Iggles, but I've gotta pick carefully and try to keep my winless streak alive. Until then, e-mail me with news and I'll put it on here.

P.S. JT showed me that I can actually pick up and move my keyboard around, so I'm typing this from my bed, which is awesome, and the best. Thanks, JT!

Party on, playaz.

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