Saturday, January 17, 2004

It's shaping up to be an exciting weekend here at The Juice Box - football playoffs, a road trip, The Sandman's Uber-Supreme Championship of Toughness coming up soon (check Drewbacca2's IM for 1st round matchups), and today, another guest column, from Mom:

"In answer to that important 21st-century question "WWJD?" (What Would Jesus Drive?) the answer is clear: MY new car (and I hope I would be Christian enough to loan it to Him...). My new Toyota Prius gets 60 mpg, or so they tell me at the dealership where I bought it yesterday. And no, that's not 60 miles per HOUR, but ... 60 miles per GALLON. Of regular gas. And hey, if He never got it into 4th gear, He'd need no gas at all, because the engine runs on a battery until it reaches 35 mphour.
And no, He wouldn't need to plug it in to recharge it, cuz that battery charges itself with kinetic (or is it potential??) energy. Every time He used the brakes, (like to let a baby squirrel cross the road) the friction (=energy) would recharge the battery.
No, it's not an SUV: this car is a ULEV, an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle. It practically makes the air cleaner when driving through a smoggy area. Like downtown Houston. It has five doors (one is the hatchback) and carries five passengers, so I'll be taking you fans down to Minute Maid Park (that's The Juice Box, Mom)to see the Astros et al. on ONE gallon of gas, round trip.
Pretty miraculous, huh? And if it keeps raining this weekend, I'll see how it drives on the water....."

You can see where Andy and I get our sense of humor from, I hope.

Ok, football predictions (maybe I can go 0-7!):

Carolina at Philly. The Eagles managed a running game last week despite Brian Westbrook, thanks to Donovan McNabb, who finally started scrambling again. He might find it tougher going against the Panthers, though, who have probably the best defensive line in football. I don't think Philly scores much. But it might be enough, because the Eagles have an excellent pass defense, and the Panthers may or may not have Stephen Davis. Can Philly possibly lose two NFC Champhionship Games at home in a row? You bet they can. Panthers, 16-10.

Indy at New England. Indy's coming off a crazy game against the Chiefs, one in which their offense absolutely dominated. But last time I checked, the Chiefs didn't punt either. Indy's D might be picked apart by Tom Brady. The Patriots...well, I don't like the Patriots. They're not really an exciting team to watch. They're kind of...bland. They win close games, they play smart, blah blah. Colts win (please), 27-23.

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