Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I added a few links at the bottom of the page. A short description of each:

Baseball Primer - The Grand Central Junction of baseball information on the web. Their 'Clutch Hits' message board is fantastic, although I'm most impressed by their discussion that's not related to baseball at all.

Baseball Prospectus - Most of their content is subscription-based now, but some is still free. I'm not a member yet, but probably will be soon. They publish their annual Baseball Prospectus book every February or March; I've got every one since 1999.

Aaron's Baseball Blog - Aaron's a real inspiration to me - he really knows his stuff, he's a huge Twins fan (so is my Dad), he goes to U of Minn (my brother goes to Northwestern), and he's only 21! (I'm 22.) He's got new posts all the time, and they're always informative, funny, and lucid. Stop by a lot.

U.S.S. Mariner - I guess the Mariners are probably my favorite team in the AL, because I *almost* got an internship with them. Well, maybe not, but I still like them. These guys know more about the Mariners than anyone, including (especially) the new GM, Bill Bavasi. This website is a bit sadder and a lot more sarcastic than it used to be, but I still visit all the time.

Ok, enough for now. Oh yeah,

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