Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Mom talks about her Scrabble (or lack thereof):

"Hi Jack!
I bet you don't get many responses from your (legions of) female readers revealing their personal obsessions. Why not? Because we ladies just don't think that way. We do obsess, but about personal and (practical) stuff: food, clothing, and shelter. You see, it's All about Us, and our loved ones (an extension of Us). We are under-represented in the highest levels of competion in cerebral games (chess, Scrabble, bridge) not because we don't have the brainpower, but because those things are just too removed from our personal lives ...we're not willing to devote our energy to things that are so abstract. We'll use our analytical skills to find the best bargains, learn to prepare the most delicious and nutritious recipes, or dissect the intimate lives of our friends. All close to home. You guys, on the other hand, seem to need to escape from "home" (and from Us???!) by obsessing about sports and politics, or daydreaming about space exploration (about as far away as you can get!) Perhaps this has something to do with why you fellas enjoy fantasy the world so much, whether in sports leagues, epic movies, video games, or erotica.
That's all I have to say about that.
madre. "

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