Thursday, January 22, 2004

Sorry for the one-day hiatus. It's been a busy tennis-filled week for me. This afternoon I've been watching some of the Australian Open, including a match between Mark Phillipoussis and Fabrice Santoro. These two guys are probably as different as two athletes can be: Phillipoussis is a 'hunk' (according to Mom) - 6'5'', muscular, huge serve, huge forehand. Santoro, on the other hand, is about 5'8'', agile, all touch, angle, and guile. It's a great matchup, and it's inspiring to watch, kinda like watching a tennis version of 'Rudy'. Santoro takes the first set, then Phillipoussis comes back to win, but it's still awesome. There's more to life than power and strength. Try a drop shot every now and then.

I think Drew's about through with The Tournament, Round Two, and I believe Nicole's got another guest column planned, so keep visiting the next few days.

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