Saturday, January 31, 2004

Sorry for my long delay - I tried to de-frag my computer, which didn't work, so I just re-set all my defaults, which seems to work ok so far. Again, not much baseball news to talk about, but the overwhelming theme here in the Houston area is The Super Bowl. There's a lot of NFL-related activities going on in The Woodlands, too, which has officially been designated Football Town, USA for the weekend. Honest. In fact, all the CBS guys are staying about 2 minutes from where I work. Too bad Jim Nantz or Dan Marino or Deion Sanders don't want tennis lessons, because I'd probably be the one to give it to them.

The game itself may not be the most exciting Super Bowl ever, but I think it should be low-scoring and close. In the end, though, I think both teams stop the run but Tom Brady is just a little bit better than Jake Delhomme, so the Patriots win, 13-10.

Now that I'm getting on-line again, Drew should send me Round 2 of The Sandman's Tournament pretty soon, so look for it.

Enjoy the game tomorrow!

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