Thursday, February 19, 2004

Baseball: How good is Jeff Bagwell? Only 10 players in baseball hit more homeruns than he did last year. And he was one of only 29 major leaguers to reach 100 RBI. But he also posted his first sub-.900 OPS since 1995 (his OPS has declined in each of the last 5 years). He'll turn 36 in May and, as Jack says, his right arm may fall off at any moment. He is no longer a premier slugger (his OPS wasn't in the top 40) but he can still produce. It all depends on the size of his goatee.

Non-baseball: I'm still undecided as to whom I like for the Democratic candidacy. Here's the breakdown:

John Kerry plays guitar. Apparently he was in a rock band back in the 70s. 5 points.

John Edwards' daughter is hotter than either of Kerry's daughters. 10 points.

Kerry is a HUGE Red Sox fan, and still hasn't forgiven Grady Little for leaving Pedro in to pitch the 8th inning. 50 points. Kerry wins.

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