Wednesday, February 25, 2004

It's snowing in Amsterdam, which means I've got a little free time at the computer, so get ready for a nice big post.

First, I think JT's on the right track about Tyler Houston. He's got some pop, a career 724 OPS against righties, can play 3rd and back up Ensberg, and is much better than Viz. I wish he drew more walks, but what the hell, we're kind of desperate. I say DO IT. And you gotta love the PR from having a last name of Houston.

Second, there have been some really good articles (most of them subscription-based, unfortunately) about the Top 50 prospects (anyone can see the final list, actually) at BPro. The good news is that it's entertaining to read - the bad news is 0 - the number of Astros on the list. NONE! Lane is too old to be a prospect anymore, and the only other ones that could be considered are Burke and Bucholz, I guess. That's not a great sign for the organization - we need some good drafts/trades in the next few years.

Hey, it stopped snowing! So anyway, it's a bit misleading that everyone thinks of Amsterdam as the World Wide Weed Capital, with one Smokey McPot as the mayor, 'cause it's not true. Well, maybe a little, but there's a lot more, tons of classic old buildings and canals and nice people who all speak English and awesome beer and clean beds. If it would stop snowing (it started again) I'm a-gonna rent a bike and rip up - there are bike lanes all over the place. I'll probably be here for a coupla days, and then on to Berlin.

That's it for now.

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