Friday, February 27, 2004

Pop quiz, hotshot.

Jack's favorite place in Amsterdam was:

A) The Red Light District
B) The Netherlands House of Cheese
C) Grey Area, a local 'coffeeshop'

If you answered B, you are damn right! Ok, which sounds better to you:

Having scantily of the night...beckon provocatively at you, unravel the Stoner Mysteries of the Universe, or biting into a huge hunk of goat cheese with herbs? I mean, COME ON MAAAAN. Barstool knows what I'm talking 'bout.

Plus the cheese place was in this awesome little town called Zaanke Schans, like a twenty minute train ride outside big ol' Amsterdam, so it was really nice to get away for a bit. Plus there were sheep and windmills.

Ok, new baseball idea: it's commonly accepted that a starting pitcher who normally throws 90 mph, if converted to a reliever, could throw 93-95 mph by 'letting it all hang out'. So if this is true for relief pitchers, might it also be true for pinch hitters? That is to say, if a guy knows he's not going to get many AB's, does he really GO FOR IT when he doesn't get that many AB's? It's an interesting idea; you could check it by comparing a guy's OPS as a pinch-hitter vs. his OPS as a regular. Food for thought....

Using my advanced math skills, I realized I still have approximately 16 places I had planned on visiting (Ready? Berlin Prague Budapest Munich Vienna Bern Venice Florence Rome Athens Barcelona Madrid Bordeaux Paris Dublin London) and about 35 days in which to do it. So I gotta cut down...2 days per place is too rough a pace to keep up. I don't know what to cut out, though.

More approximations: I finished my first disposable camera already! That's like 30 pictures gone in 10 days. And they're all of cheesy landscape/touristy stuff, too...I'm still kind of embarrassed to ask people to take pictures of me doing wild things.

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