Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I recently realized that, well, this is my blog. So I can write about anything I want. And you have to read it. Or leave. Oh, and I can delete posts, too. Andy's Lonesome Dove book review? Gone. But seriously, even though I love baseball, I don't have to write about it. I mean, yeah, I'm still going to. No worries there. But every now and then I'm gonna journal it up and there's nothing you can do about it. So there.

So anyway my thought for the day is why don't we do the things we should do? You know what I mean. Why don't you get up in the morning and be productive? Why do you have cheesecake for breakfast? Why don't you call your parents and tell them you love them? Why don't you sleep eight hours a day, exercise regularly, never drink alcohol, and go to church every Sunday?

Well, if you're anything like're not entirely sure why. In the long term, I know that I probably should do all of those things. But I don't. I don't think of myself as an instant-gratification sort of guy, although maybe I am. Give me a choice between starting a new book or watching TV, and I'll usually choose TV, even though I don't even really like TV that much. It's just so much effort starting a new book. (Sidenote: I will, however, re-read Dune, even if I've read it three times and I should be doing other things.) That's the key, isn't it? Effort. Time. Who's got the time to do anything these days? Rush, rush, rush! Well, I've probably got more free time than anyone reading this blog, and I still don't get nearly as much done as I should. See, here's the thing. The other day I'm waiting for Mark at a restaurant (we'll call it Sweet Tomatoes, because it was) and a lady who is standing there with me says (out of the blue) "Did you know the average American spends 9 hours a year waiting at red lights?" And of course I respond with a shake of the head and say "Wow" or something like that. But, um...that's not that much time. 16 'awake' hours *365 days = 3653 hours. So ya gotta do something with all that time. But, if you're like me, not nearly as much as you should.

Resolution: Maybe I can change, though. A little bit at a time.

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