Thursday, February 24, 2005

According to the Houston Chronicle, Lance Berkman has rejected 3 / 36 and 4 / 48 offers and instead has basically demanded 5 / 15-17 per year. Well, that's too bad, as 3/36 and 4 / 48 are almost exactly what I had hoped we would offer. But then Magglio Ordonez just had to go sign that crazy contract with Detroit, and now Berkman (correctly) wants as much as him. With so much deferred money going to Pettitte, Bagwell, and Oswalt next year, it might be a little tricky to give Lance 5 / 75 or thereabouts. In addition, we HAVE to see how he bounces back from his knee injury before we go throwing gobs of money at him.

Bad choice of words yesterday; I shouldn't have said "my dream world". What I was getting at is if you get desperate and trade for Mike Cameron by getting rid of Chris Burke, you could probably get Polanco from the Phillies. But it didn't come out quite right. And I still like saying Byung-Hyun Kim, so we should trade for him too.

Question about MLB.TV : does anyone know if it has the same properties as TiVo? That is, if I miss the game, can I come back and watch it later that night or something? Or just the Condensed Game?

Time to go toss the ol' baseball around.

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