Sunday, February 06, 2005

Berkman is tight-lipped about it, but the bet is that he’ll be quite wealthy in the near future.“I’d like to stay there, but I’d hate to short-change myself by not giving myself the best opportunity,” he said.While he says he doesn’t believe his knee will be an issue in the contract negotiations, Berkman says the major injury has forced him to reevaluate his body, which now reacts differently to things it used to take for granted.“It’s weird, because if you ask something of your knee or legs, like to sprint or jump, I’m used to it responding immediately,” he said. “Right now it’s just weak and it won’t respond the way I want it to. It’s just kind of a strange feeling.”

I don't think he's going to be an Astro next year. How can he think his injury won't be an issue in the contract negotiations? We have to see how he bounces back, especially if his knee feels "weird" and is a "strange feeling". Lance goes on to say he thinking the starting pitching will have to carry the team this year, because the offense won't be nearly as good. That may be true, but asking a rotation of Roy Oswalt, who needs to be completely healthy, Andy Pettitte, who might not be 100% yet, Roger Clemens, who is 42, and Brandon Backe, who doesn't have an out pitch against lefties, and a mystery 5th starter to 'carry the team' is pretty risky. I agree that we don't have much of a choice anymore.

Are the Detroit Tigers insane??? 5 years and 75 million for a 31 year old outfielder, coming off an injury, who has never posted a 1000 OPS? I can't imagine any team was offering anything close to that. I guess the Tigers needed to 'make a move', but this reeks of desperation.

I'm hosting a Super Bowl Party today for most of my math colleagues (makes me sound professional, huh?) and I gotta clean up, so I'll talk to you all later.

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Dudley Bokoski said...

Sounds like another way of saying that either he is overpaid with Beltran numbers or he walks. The worst of it is that his knee problems will make it difficult to trade him. I think the most likely outcome is that the Astros become desparate to hold onto at least one star player and give him something between what Ordonez got from Detroit and what the Mets gave Beltran. But, a better question is if Houston rebuilds after this season is he the player to rebuild the team around?