Friday, February 18, 2005

Woke up at 6:30 am this morning to go have breakfast with a friend (a laaaaaaaaady) and caught a few minutes of SportsCenter, which included Peter Gammons saying:

The Astros are closely following the recovery of Mike Cameron from wrist surgery. They need to involve a 3rd team in the trade, because the Mets are demanding a corner outfielder in return.

I like it. I'm assuming we're looking to trade Tim Redding / Brandon Duckworth / Mike Burns to some team with a glut of outfielders (Rangers, Reds, Devil Rays), who in turn trade one of their guys to the Mets, and we get Cameron in return. Obviously this wouldn't work well for us if we had to give up Jason Lane, but if we can manage it, an OF of Biggio / Cameron / Lane to start and then Lane / Cameron / Berkman with Biggio / Palmeiro as 4th and 5th OF's would be excellent. I've decided that I'm very anti-2nd-base-Biggio; his defensive numbers there have been poor since his knee surgery a few years back, and Chris Burke is a sleeper Rookie of the Year candidate there.

That's all I have. Pitchers and catchers reported yesterday - I'm mostly interested in seeing how Andy Pettitte looks and seeing if anyone stands out as a 5th starter (darkhorse: Ezequiel Astacio).

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