Tuesday, February 08, 2005

So Tim Redding gets a 1 year / 750K deal and Pete Munro gets a 1 year / 700K deal. Both are closer to what the Astros were offering than what the players wanted, so I guess that's a good sign; maybe Purpura is a good bargainer. We should find out in the next few days as he tries to sign Roy Oswalt (to a long-term deal, hopefully). I'll get the UZR data later today, but just remembering some of the scores from the past few years, our infield defense of Ensberg / Everett / Burke / Bagwell is likely to be excellent and our OF defense of Biggio / Lane / Berkman is likely to be awful. All other things equal, I'd like to see a groundball-type pitcher in the 5th starter's spot, since both Oswalt and Backe are pretty extreme flyballers, Clemens is average, and Pettitte is an extreme groundballer. Unfortunately, all other things may not be equal, since both Redding and Hernandez are flyball pitchers and they both have more upside than Murno, a groundballer. Yet another casualty of the Beltran saga - we missed out on Matt Clement and Woody Williams.

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