Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm back. Just read a Richard Justice article (link at AstrosDaily), and I had a few comments:

Purpura would consider trading for a veteran center fielder, but it has to be someone who makes the Astros better in 2005 and beyond. If the Mets make Mike Cameron available, Purpura is interested.

I've read numerous times that Cameron is available. He doesn't like playing RF, particularly since he's been the best defensive CF in baseball on average during the last 4-5 years.

Predictions mean nothing. Predictions don't take into account that Lane and Burke might both be impact players offensively. They don't take into account that Taveras has blazing speed.

You can't steal first base.

This spring is about reassembling the puzzle, about hoping that Taveras, Lane and Burke can play, about hoping Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio have another productive season in them, about Ensberg regaining his power and Everett continuing down the road to being the National League's best shortstop.

Lane and Burke can play; Taveras, most likely, cannot. I hope Bagwell and Biggio get it going for one more year, and I want to see Ensberg slug .500 again, but I do NOT see Adam Everett ever being the NL's best shortstop as long as Rafael Furcal, Jimmy Rollins, Khalil Greene, and Jose Reyes are alive.

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Dudley Bokoski said...

The rationale for going after Cameron is the need for a defensive center fielder. That being the case, you have to look at three players (Cameron, Taveras, and Redding) and ask some questions-

What is the real difference in runs and wins from plugging away with Taveras as opposed to getting Cameron?

Will either Cameron or Taveras hit?

How long until Taveras becomes the starter in CF, whether Cameron comes or not?

Is Cameron healthy?

Who is Redding's replacement if he is traded?

Which is more scarce, outfielders with high price tags or pitchers with the talent of Redding who have low price tags?

Hanging onto Redding and taking a shot for two months with Taveras isn't that risky. Cameron will still be available, or someone else, in June of this year.