Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Since I now live in friggin' Arizona, I can't watch any Astros games unless they're on national TV (in which case the Astros tend to suck) or Baseball Tonight (in which case I have to look at John Kruk's fat face and listen to Harold Reynolds talk about team chemistry). No thanks.

So MLB.TV, here I come. It's 'only' 79.95 for the whole year, and I'll be able to watch every Astros game (with the exception of when they play at Arizona), so I guess that's worth it. If any of you guys have ever subscribed to MLB.TV, tell me what you think.

Oh, and they have a free archive of the Astros top plays in 2004. Highlights:

Jeff Kent's Game 5 walk-off bomb in the NLCS. Goosebumps, baby. Goosebumps.
Astros turn a triple play on the Phillies and come back from 7-2 to win.
Pretty much anything invovling Carlos Beltran in the playoffs. Man, I'm gonna miss that guy.

I'm a little more down on Mike Cameron than I was yesterday. I don't like it, but starting with Biggio / Taveras / Lane and then moving to Biggio / Lane / Berkman is better than having to give up Burke, and the Mets don't seem to want to move Cameron for much less than a top prospect. So screw that.

I still like BH Kim, though. Better than Munro or Redding or some crap.

Speaking of Tim Redding, he's essentially said that he expects to get the 5th starter's spot or else he wants to be traded. I say just trade his ass now, because even in his best year, 2003, his K rate wasn't that great and he walked too many guys. Trade him to some team desperate for pitching and with an OF to spare (Rangers, Reds, Devil Rays).

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