Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"According to TSN's Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs will announce the signing of Jeromy Burnitz once the Sammy Sosa deal is finalized.It'll be a one-year, $5 million contract with a mutual option for 2006 that could make the deal worth as much as $11.5 million. Burnitz shouldn't have much trouble hitting 30 homers while playing half his games in Wrigley Field, but he's not going to be a big asset for the Cubs in right field. This makes the Sammy Sosa trade a net loss for a team that already hadn't had a great winter."

Preach on, Rotoworld, preach on. From an Astros fan's perspective, I love this signing. I've talked about Burnitz a fair amount this offseason, since for a while it looked like the Astros might sign him. Here are the most important things I said:

Burnitz, road, 2004: .244 / .327 / .448 (775 OPS), 13 HR, 29 BB in 270 AB.

Cameron is also one of the best (perhaps the best) defensive CF in the game (career Range Factor of 2.74 vs. 2.36 league average) and Burnitz is...not (career CF Range Factor of 1.77 vs. league average of 2.24).

Yeah, I know Burnitz will be playing right field for the Cubs rather than center, but he's still getting older and slower. Burnitz is 35, coming off a Coors-inflated season, and is a below-average defender. The Cubs likely outfield of Hairston or Dubois or Hollandsworth / Patterson / Burnitz may not have an 800 OPS among them.

Ok, so Burnitz is off the table, Astros, so trade Tim Redding and Mike Lamb for Jose Cruz Jr. already!

Intramural basketball is right around the corner, and our team has 4 guys over 6'0''. Watch out for NAU Math Re-Representin'. And Tennis and Disc Golf Doubles is only 2 months away...
Man, I love sports.


Anonymous said...

the main problem with this club is craig biggio. he was a great player but his time has gone. jason lane could have put the same or maybe better stats than biggio last year and played better defense. burke needs his shot. he and everett could be the best fielding duo in the national league. the problem is when berkman gets back all everyone talks about is who (lane or burke) should sit out so old biggio can play. i would be OK with lane in right,berkman in left, bagwell at first,endsberg at third and defense up the middle, ausmus at catcher, everett at short and burke at second. if we got a good centerfielder i think we would be fine with that. but it will not be because getting biggio to 3000 hits seems to be more important than winning.

Robbie said...

I went to High School with Burnitz (Conroe High School...I was class of 86, he was 87)...didn't like him much then, and was hating the tought of my 'Stros signing him.

Sure he might hit a few jacks...but he's a human windmill. I laughed when I heard the cubbies signed him.