Friday, February 25, 2005

Per, The Mets are interested in Ugueth Urbina, and are willing to ship away Mike Cameron for him. Have we found our third team in Detroit?

The Tigers already have Fernando Vina at second, and their outfield of Magglio, Alex Sanchez, Rondell White, Bobby Higginson and Craig Monroe is already crowded. They seem to be in a win-now mentality, so they probably don't want too many prospects in exchange for losing their premiere closer. Unless the plan on using Carlos Guillen at third, they'll a three-bagger. And they always need pitching. This won't work, but how about Lamb and Redding? Maybe throw in a Luke Scott as well.

Quick poll: What's been the best bargain of the offseason so far, for any team? I might say Nomar for $8 million with incentives. That was damn good.

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JT said...

Vina's toast. He won't play this year and he's probably done for his career.