Friday, February 25, 2005

I like it, Andres. The Mets want Urbina, and the Tigers need either a 3B or a 2B. I'll stick with your Lamb-and-Redding proposal for now, with the possibility of throwing in Brooks Conrad or Brandon Duckworth or whoever. Getting Cameron without giving up Burke would be a steal. Alternatively, if you decide to give up Burke, hopefully you could trade for Polanco.

Biggest bargains of the offseason:

Nomar: 1/8
Woody Williams: 1/4 (I think)
Chris Hammond: 1/750K
Johan Santana: 4/48
Wade Miller: 1/3.5
Richard Hidalgo: 1/5

Notice a trend? Most of those 'best deals' are short deals for players likely to bounce back. And any deal where you pay Johan Santana less than Troy Glaus or Richie Sexson or Magglio Ordonez has to go on there.

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JT said...

If we were to do a deal w/ the Tigers...NO WAY we give up Burke.

I'm not so sure they need a 3B or a 2B. They've got Inge and Infante and I'm sure they'd like to give those guys a chance.

Also, the Tiger's management completely blows (Magglio 5 for $75M...need I say more) we should be able to screw them in a trade. They always need pitching, so maybe Redding and someone else...but I don't think we'd need to give up Burke, Conrad, or Lamb.