Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Craig Biggio is the 6th greatest second baseman ever" according to some guy. Biggio ranks 6th all-time in Runs Created Above Average at his Position (RCAP). And Ryne Sandberg just got in, which bodes well for Biggio.

I have this to say about Beltran: sour grapes.

The Phillies don't really NEED anything. Which is the problem, if we're trying to trade for Jason Michaels (yea!) or Marlon Byrd (no!). I'd prefer Michaels, despite his blooper of the year. Hahahahaha. Seriously, though, the Phillies have their rotation set (Leiber, Padilla, Myers, Lidle, Wolf -- plus Floyd as the 6th man), solid catchers in Lieberthal and Pratt, a solid infield (Thome, Polanco, Rollins, Bell -- plus Utley wherever) and a crazy-go-nuts outfield (Abreu, Burrell, Lofton, Michaels, Byrd). Wow. They're looking pretty good. I never thought I'd say this, but the NL East looks REALLY good right about now. (Déjá vu... did I say this last year?)

Ixnay on a Soriano trade. Please no.

That's it. I'm sending out résumés. Give me a job.


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