Monday, January 03, 2005

We've all heard the rumors about Jose Cruz for Lamb. This is a good deal, and we should do it. Lamb had the best year of his career, and in all likelihood, will never hit that well ever again. Cruz is underrated and has 30-30 potential.

But here are some other possibilities to fill our hole in CF should we not sign Beltran:

Jayson Werth / Milton Bradley. Dodgers already have Green and Drew in the outfield right now, but they're looking to trade Green soon. Werth is good and young. Bradley might very well have a psychological disorder. But he's so good!

Austin Kearns!!! Yeah. He once had more potential than Adam Dunn, but injuries slowed him down. He can smack the hell out of the ball. Not a CF though.

Mike Cameron: If the Mets sign Beltran... if they need to clear payroll or whatever... Cameron's good, despite his .240 average or whatever. Great ceterfielder, too.

Marlon Byrd / Jason Michaels: Byrd was fantastic in the second half of '03, but was absolutely terrible in '04. He's very young, and has potential as a top-of-the-order guy. Michaels has more power, can play CF as well, and made the blooper of the year. It was awesome. And the Phillies already have Lofton, Abreu and Burrell out there.

Laynce Nix. What a name! This guy has got potential, although he has a .292 OBP in 555 ABs. Doof.

Randy Winn? I'd much prefer Jeremy Reed, the Seattle prospect. I don't want Winn, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the Astros will acquire him. Ugh.

Jeff DaVanon? He puts up HUGE numbers every time he fills in for an injured Garret Anderson, but he can't find any playing time. If he wants some, why not give it to him?

Eric Byrnes? The A's have Kielty, Thomas, Swisher and Kotsay already. They're probably looking to get rid of Byrnes, whose OPS (and ABs) have increased a lot each year. (.814 in 569 ABs last year!)

Kevin Millar? He sure as hell can't play CF, but he's goofy and I like him. And he can hit. But we can do better.

Luis Matos? No.

Vernon Wells? Yes.

Lew Ford? Probably not.

Aaron Rowand? Please!?!

Xavier Nady or Freddy Guzman? Nah.

So.... there's not a lot out there that looks realistic. Cruz might be our only shot. Lane - Biggio - Palmeiro is about the worst outfield I can imagine, and none of those guys is an adequate centerfielder. So... get crackin, Pupura.

(By the way, the Braves only have two OF listed on their roster: Andruw Jones and Ryan Langerhans. Haha.)

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