Thursday, January 06, 2005

I'll go a little lighter on the baseball side today. Instead: football playoffs!

There are lots of Beltran rumors out there: Mets make a gigantic offer, Mets make a similar offer, Cubs make an offer, Yankees pull out, Astros are still alive, Astros have given up...

I'll just wait until Saturday to talk about it. If the Cubs and Mets are still in this, it's my opinion that the bidding for Beltran will go too high, and we should let him go. This offseason has been a failure so far in large part because we have concentrated so heavily on one player. Baseball is a team game with a 25 man roster, and by completely ignoring all non-Beltrans, we may have done some damage in trying to eventually sign them. I hope not.

Some of you might remember my incredible football playoff predicition from last year. They were incredible for one reason only: I got every single pick wrong. Which, if you think about it, is even harder than getting every single pick right. So I'm pumped for another year of predicitons. Without further ado,

Sat, 4:30 pm, Rams at Seahawks. The Rams have beaten Seattle twice. What's that old cliche..."It's tough to beat a team three times in one year." or something? Well, that's crap. If you've beaten a team twice already, then you obviously match up well or are just a better team. Shaun Alexander is pretty good, but Matt Hasselbeck stunk it up this year (he was my fantasy QB). The Rams can't play outdoors, but they'll play well enough to win this one.
Rams 30, Seahawks 17.

Sat, 8 pm, Jets at Chargers. I think this is likely to be the best wild card playoff game. The Chargers have come out of nowhere, with Drew Brees having an insanely good year (especially by his standards), and LT is always a beast, and some guy named Antonio Gates has about 14 TD's as a tight end. And their 3-4 defense, led by Wade Phillips (Andy and I met him at the airport one time) is tough. The Jets? Well, they've got Curtis Martin, and Chad Pennington is damn accurate, but I don't think they have enough. Heck, I think the Chargers have a decent shot at making it to the AFC Championship. So they ain't losing to no stinkin' Jets.
San Diego 24, New York 10.

Sun, 4:30 pm, Vikings at Packers. Minnesota has lost twice to Green Bay already, both on last second Ryan Longwell field goals. If they couldn't beat Green Bay at home, they are damn sure not gonna beat them at Lambeau in January. Favre's good, Ahman Green has been kinda quiet (is he still fumbling all the time?), and Green Bay defense is 'good enough', I think. Culpepper-to-Moss just hasn't really gotten going this year. Man, the Vikings are terrible in the 2nd half. This one might get rough.
Green Bay 41, Minnesota 21.

Sun, 8 pm , Denver at Indy. These two teams play for about the fifth time in the last 15 months or so...and the Colts win all the big games. I actually think Denver has a shot here...but only a shot, and they'd have to play perfect football to win. I'll give Peyton 4 TD's, and Indy's defense can hold their own against Denver's offense. One thing I noticed about Denver: their offense is kinda predictable. They either run the ball or they run a bootleg, Plummer scrambles out, and throws (or takes off). It works pretty well, but you have to have more variety.
Indy 34, Denver 24.

JT, Barstool, Andy, letsa go! Tell me what you guys think.

Oh, and JT, I'll be up at College Station at about 3:30 or 4pm or so. I basically remember where you live, so I'll just look for your truck. If you want you could tell me the name of the street when you turn off of the street next to the railroad tracks. I'll see ya then.

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