Friday, January 14, 2005

So Jose Cruz Sr. thinks we should trade for his son. Not that he's biased or anything. Actually, I'd be plenty happy with trading for Jr., AS LONG AS WE DON'T GIVE UP BURKE OR LANE OR BACKE. Redding for Cruz Jr.? The Rays have Crawford, Baldelli, and they just signed Danny Bautista, so it certainly looks as though they could trade Cruz. Just don't give up a top prospect, Purpura.

I think this might be our best option - as good as Mike Cameron is, he's slightly more of an injury risk and would probably cost too many prospects. Jeromy Burnitz should not play CF. But I think Cruz Jr. could, and I think we could make a decent trade with TB - after all, Blum-for-Backe worked out pretty well.

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