Friday, January 28, 2005

I just read on Baseball Primer that the Diamondbacks released catcher Robby Hammock to make room for Tony Clark. The Astros should pick him up IMMEDIATELY. Catcher is by far the weakest position in the organization; Ausmus and Chavez both struggle to put up a 700 OPS, and our best prospect is 20 year-old Hector Gimenez who looked overmatched at AA last year. Hammock would make a great filler for 2006 and maybe even 2007 while Gimenez learns how to hit. He also caught Randy Johnson's perfect game in 2004, so he must be good.

Robby Hammock's stats

If you don't want to check out the link, here's the rundown: Hammock will be 27 until May 11, he's a career .262 / .315 / .441 hitter with 42 XBH and 30 BB in 390 AB. His fielding numbers are also excellent. So a young catcher who'd come cheap, plays good defense and can hit for power? I'd say that might help the 'Stros. Please pick him up.

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Awrr said...

motion seconded. what do you think the chances are of us turning chavez loose to make room for him though? you'd think they'd be great odds, but what if oswalt pushes the envelope on keeping his personal catcher?

catcher is one of the weakest positions in the NL central, and the stros pretty much bring up the rear. a quality bat like hammock to spell ausmus is just what the doctor ordered... i wonder if AZ will be able to deal him before we get a chance to claim him though. i'm hoping purpura finds a way to get him, but since we're low on the waiver ladder and don't seem to be immediately interested in a catcher upgrade i'm not sure it'll happen. let's keep our fingers crossed though.