Monday, January 10, 2005

Some interesting comments from Tim Purpura from a Yahoo! report:

1. ``Certainly we will welcome Roger back,'' Purpura said. ``We're not going to shift into a rebuilding mode because of this. We certainly feel we have the nucleus of a competitive club.''

2. ``We're going to improve this club,'' Purpura said. ``We're going to be competitive and we're going to challenge.''

3. ``I consider myself someone who is very comfortable with young players,'' he said. ``I think you have to give young players a chance. This may give us a chance to get younger and faster.''

Well, which is it, Tim? 1. and 2. appear to indicate he thinks the Astros can compete this year. But that usually doesn't coincide with giving young players a chance, as he says in 3. Maybe he's only saying 1. and 2. to appease the fan base, or because he doesn't want to give up on the season before it's begun; I certainly hope he is more accurate with 3.

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