Friday, January 28, 2005

How about Pedro Astacio? Word is he's beasting down in the Dominican Leagues. We should take a look at him. And soon, too, because I hear he's close to a minor league with the Red Sox. What would he do there? Be their seventh starter? Ridiculous. We should offer him a minor league deal too. Pencil him in as our fifth starter and see how he does. There are a lot of worse options I can think of (Duckworth, Redding...). Sign this guy up.

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Awrr said...

i've supported signing him for some time now. if he's healthy, he's the best low money FA available this winter. health is a big concern, but i'd give him an NRI and take a flier that he outperforms redding/hernandez/munro/wtfever. if he does, then i'm happy to have the guys he beats out available if oswalt or pettitte get injured or if backe implodes in a full season of IP.