Thursday, January 20, 2005

Well, no more Brian Jordan, as the Braves signed him to a 1 year / 1 million dollar deal.

There have been quite a few players signed in the last week or so (Jordan, Loaiza, Antonio Osuna, Scott Williamson, Steve Reed) that I thought could definitely help the Astros. And we have done what we've basically done all offseason: nothing.

I realize that we were focused on Beltran for a long time, and now we're probably trying to figure out the arbitration deals for the big 3 first, but still...we've done nothing. Absolutely nothing. As a GM, you have to be proactive, not reactive, and so far Purpura has done a terrible job of addressing team needs. If he really think re-signing Viz and Palmeiro are the only things needed this offseason, it might be a painful few years. Perhaps he's simply better suited to player development.

The only player left on the free agent market that I think might be worth a look is Curtis Leskanic. He's been a pretty solid bullpen addition for the last few years, and you can't expect all our guys (Qualls, Wheeler, Harville, Burns(?), Gallo, Burba(?), Wendell(?)) to work out. So damn it, do something, Purpura!

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