Monday, January 31, 2005

Heard something on AstrosDaily about Rocket on the Dean & Rog radio show the other day. Apparently he's already started his workouts. He was eating dinner one night when his hamstring cramped up on him... he started screaming, and his boys thought he was choking on his food so they started performing the Heimlich manuever on him. Hahaha.

Which player do you think will exceed expectations this year? Your choices are:



Awrr said...

i think ensberg's stock has fallen so far after last year that he will perform much better than expected. lane and qualls come in a close second and third.

Jack said...

Ensberg, definitely. Anyone who puts up a 907 OPS over 385 AB's in 2003 is no fluke, and he's definitely better than he showed last year. I'd really like to see him hit 2nd again; batting Everett 2nd would almost certainly mean a fair amount of sac bunts, although not possibly as many as Jimy made him do.

I think (and hope) that Everett can post a .350 OBP, so I'll go with him 2nd.

Jack said...

Oh, and if you're 'screaming', you're probably not choking on food, since you can still breathe. Dumb kids.

Dex said...

I attended the Round Rock winter banquet where Ensberg was the guest speaker. Real nice guy and I wish him the best of luck this season, but his (baseball) life story seemed to suggest that going 3 years hitting .240 and then suddenly breaking out for a great season at an opportune time is a commonplace cycle for him. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a dip.

Jason Lane will most exceed the Astros expectations this year as it's obvious they haven't ever expected much from him and this seems to be the year when he'll finally get a chance.