Wednesday, January 12, 2005

There have been some posts on the AstrosDaily forums lately that Burnitz is better than Cameron. For some reason I can't register to post on there, but here's what I would say if I could:

I can't believe anyone actually thinks Burnitz is better than Cameron.
Burnitz, road, 2004: .244 / .327 / .448 (775 OPS), 13 HR, 29 BB in 270 AB.
Cameron, road, 2004: .234 / .329 / .512 (841 OPS), 19 HR, 31 BB in 252 AB.
Cameron is also significantly better defensively, 4 years younger, and is a better baserunner.
"How about strikeouts? He's averaged 137 strikeouts per season the last eight years. His K/BB ratio is beyond atrocious. "
Well, he's also averaged over 65 walks a season over the 8 years. Which works out to approximately 1 walk / 2 K's. Biggio last year: 40 BB / 94 K. As a leadoff man!
"He is an EXCELLENT CF...not a TORI HUNTER...but not a BIGGIO either. He is the upper end of DEFENSIVE OF.
But we need some pop guys. Our lineup is really weak. I think a POWER OF period will be better for this squad."
Agreed, Cameron isn't Torii Hunter defenisvely - he's better, by almost any defensive metric you care to use. As for power, he slugged .514 last year on the road, with 19 HR in 252 AB's.
Mike Cameron is an excellent player. Jeromy Burntiz is replacement level.

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